MC Biotech

MC Biotech develops cutting-edge diagnostic technologies dedicated to personalized medicine, nutrigenomics/pharmacogenomics, wellness, infectious diseases (including Covid-19), veterinary, quality control

Diagnostic tests

point-of-care, fast, accurate, non-invasive

POC Device

A unique diagnostic tool in your hands!

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MC Biotech’s mission is the design and development of smart and customizable diagnostic solutions for various clinical and operational areas, ranging from in vitro molecular tests for the diagnosis of viral or bacterial infections, to susceptibility tests, genetic predisposition and pharmacogenomics, and diagnostic methodologies in the veterinary field and for industrial quality control.

By exploiting the interdisciplinary skills and the consolidated experience in innovative diagnostic technologies (based on isothermal amplification techniques and/or nanobiotechnologies), MC Biotech’s solutions focus on the use of non-invasive biological specimens (e.g. saliva) and rapid methods with high sensitivity and specificity.

Such technologies, which can be easily integrated into portable bench-top and point-of-care platforms, are able to provide the Specialist with the patient’s diagnostic profile in real time.


MC Biotech’s vision is to propose a concept of point-of-care molecular diagnostics with real-time results, at the service of personalized medicine, preventive screenings, patients’ well-being, and as a reliable and rapid support for the Specialist.