COVid – Salivary Test for Coronavirus

COVid is MC Biotech’s diagnostic response to the global health emergency of COVID-19.

COVid is a molecular diagnostic test allowing the identification of the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from saliva samples. The test uses patented isothermal amplification technology and was developed in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology, a center of excellence for Italian research.

The primary objective of COVid is to provide an efficient diagnostic tool alternative to the solutions already available, solving the limits and bottlenecks of the nasopharyngeal swab-based tests and transforming them into strengths:

  • Non-invasive sampling: the choice of saliva allows solving the problem of invasiveness of the nasopharyngeal swab and carrying out repeated and frequent analyses.
  • Fast and all-in-one technology: the development of an extraction-free protocol integrated with an isothermal amplification technology drastically reduces the analysis times, relieving the classic bottlenecks of clinical laboratories and allowing at the same time a significant increase in the diagnostic capacity.

Thanks to the use of saliva, COVid represents a strategic solution for frequent screenings and for children and adolescents, offering the ideal test to ensure COVID-free schools and recreational environments.

Ease and speed of sample collection and testing make COVid a winning strategy for companies, sport professionals, tourism, and travels, allowing large-scale routine analysis.

COVid is a CE-IVD certified diagnostic test, authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health. Patents: EP1275715; EP2253717; EP1327679; EP2031058.

COVid is able to detect also the new English and South-African variants!

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